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First Street Place VS. The Quarterdeck Student Living When it Comes to Cost & Quality

When it comes to student housing at ECU, cost & quality is of the utmost importance, and often at the top of the determination criteria for students and their families.

Both First Street Place and The Quarterdeck Student Living may provide great ECU student living experiences, we know we do! Both properties are in close proximity to the University, both offer a safe and inviting environment, and each have a nice list of amenities. Both properties are considered to be at the top of any students shortlist for possible student housing when attending East Carolina University.

One of the Biggest Expenses Students Have is Apartment Rental Expense

At The Quarterdeck Student Living we have always strived, and have succeeded, in providing a great student living experience for all of those that call our beautiful property home during their ECU University years. One of the criteria we put at the top of our list when we look to provide a great value in student living, is the cost of our monthly rentals. We understand that college educations alone can be taxing to any family’s finances, that’s why we do everything we can to make living at the Quarterdeck affordable for everyone. Housing expenses shouldn’t bust the bank. We offer one of the best overall values when it comes to affordable ECU student housing in Greenville.

It’s true, either of these two apartments would make a great home during your ECU stay, it simply comes down to cost and quality. The Quarterdeck has a tremendous value proposition, and in our opinion, a much better living experience. We have included a cost comparison below to help in your decision on where to live while in Greenville while attending ECU.

However, Student Housing Cost at ECU isn’t Everything, You Should Also be Concerned With the Quality of the Property, as Well as the Experience You Have During Your Time at ECU.

Both the First Street Place and The Quarterdeck Student Living apartments offer a similar quality of build and amenities. We love to think our living experience is great at the Quarterdeck, and our reviews seem to support how we feel. We always strive to provide the best living experience and a very high level of customer service to all of our residents. The best way to see a back to back comparison is to look at actual reviews from both the Quarterdeck and First Street Place.

If you have any questions about The Quarterdeck Student Living Apartments please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email, form submission, or old-fashioned phone call, we would love to hear from you.

One Bedroom Apartments


1 Bed, 1 Bath

928 Sq. Ft.

$1,260 per unit / furnished


1 Bed, 2 Bath

814 Sq. Ft.

$1,280 per unit / furnished

Two Bedroom Apartments


1 Bed, 2 Bath

814 Sq. Ft.

$650 per person / furnished


2 Bed, 1 Bath

928 Sq. Ft.

$630 per person / furnished

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